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Hello, I'm the host of the blog you're visiting now. Thank you for your presence. I've been working as a teacher of English since ten years ago. Hope we'll be friends.



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Hi!Hello! 你好!

How are you? / How are you doing? 你好吗?

How is everything?/ How is it going? 一切都好吧?

What's the matter with you? 出什么问题了?

I haven't seen you for a long time.好久不见了。

How've you been? 最近还好吧?

How're things? 近来如何啊?

Where did you go?去哪儿了?

I have a cold. 我感冒了。

I have the flu. 我得了流感。

I have a fever. 我发烧。

Can I take a message?我可以捎个信吗?

Can you hold on for a minute?你可以等一会吗?

1. How are you?


--Hi! How are you?喂,你好吗?

--I'm fine. Thank you, and you?我很好,谢谢,你呢?

--I feel great. Thanks. 我感觉棒极了。谢谢。


---How are you?你好吗?

---I'm happy! 我很高兴。

---Why are you happy?为什么高兴?

---Today is my birthday! 今天是我的生日。

---Wonderful! Happy birthday to you!好极了!祝你生日快乐!



How are you?/ How are you doing?你好吗?

How is it going? /How is everything?  一切都好吗?

How're things?近来情况还好吗?


I'm fine. 我很好。

I feel great.我感觉棒极了。

I'm happy.我很开心。


Very well, thank you.很好,谢谢。

Fine, thank you.很好,谢谢。

Not too bad.还不坏。

如果是用How are you doing?提问,则可用I'm doing fine/well.或直接用Fine/Very well.回答。


I'm not feeling very well. 感觉不是很好。

I feel sick.感觉有些不舒服。

I feel awful.感觉糟透了。

I feel bad.心情不太。

如果是用How are you doing?提问,则可用I'm not doing fine/well.或直接用Not well/fine.回答。

2. How is your English?你的英语怎么样?

---Hi! How is it going? 还好吗?

---Good! How are you?很好。你呢?

---I'm fine.我很好。

---How is your brother, Mark?你的弟弟马克好吗?

---Mark is ok.马克很好。

---How is your sister Jane?你的姐姐简好吗?

---Jane is great! She is a college student. 简很好。她是一个大学生。

---How are your parents? 你的父母好吗?

---They are fine.他们很好。

---How are your parents?你的父母好吗?

---They are fine, too.他们也很好。

---How is your English?你的英语怎么样?

---Just Ok. 还可以。

---How is your English?你的英语呢?

---So far, so good. 还可以。(到目前为止,还不错。)

---How is Mary's English?玛丽的英语呢?

---Her English grammar is excellent. Her pronunciation is perfect. She sounds like a native speaker of English. 她语法非常好。发音完美。听起来像英语国家的人一样。

 3. How are you doing? 你好吗?


---Hello, Jane!How are you doing?  喂,简!你好吗?

---I feel sick.我有点不舒服。

---Oh, no! What's the matter? 啊,不会吧!你怎么了?

---I'm thirsty and hungry. 我又渴又饿。

---Poor girl!可怜的女孩!

---Do you want something to eat? 想吃点什么吗?

---I sure do! 当然!

---Well, let's go to get a pizza and a glass of orange juice. 好吧,那我们去买比萨饼和橙汁。

---That's a wonderful idea! Let's go!好主意!我们走吧!



---Hi, Jane!你好,简!

---Hi, Peter! 你好,皮特!

---How are you doing?你好吗?

---I'm thirsty and hungry. 我又渴又饿。

---Me too!我也是!

---I'm starving.I simply starving.我饿极了!我真是饿极了!

---Do you want something to eat?想要吃点东西吗?

---I sure do!当然!

---Let's go and get a hamburger. 我们去买汉堡吧?

---How about a hamburger and a chocolate shake?汉堡加巧克力奶昔如何?

---That sounds great! That sounds lovely! 听起来好极了!可爱极了!

---Let's go!那我们走吧!

---Let's go!走!


1. What's the matter? =What's wrong? 有什么问题吗?出什么事了?

---What's the matter with you? You look tired, Sue.怎么了,苏?你看起来很疲倦?

---Mark, I'm tired, and I still haven't started my homework.马克,我累了,可是我的家庭作业还没做呢。

2. Let's go to get a pizza and a glass of orange juice.

这个句子中也可不用a glass of,而直接说:

Let's go to get a pizza and (some) orange juice.

3. How/What about sth? 通常用于向某人提出建议或请球,也用于询问某人对某事的看法。

What about Wednesday?周三怎么样?

How about a cup of coffee?来杯咖啡怎么样?

4. 对某人的建议或想法表示赞赏或肯定

在对某人的建议或看法表示赞赏时,通常用That sounds... 和That's a ...两种句式:

That sounds great!

That sounds lovely!

That sounds nice!

That sounds marvelous!

That sounds wonderful!

That's a wonderful idea!

That's a good idea!

That's a great idea!

 4. What's the matter with you?你怎么了?


---How do you feel today? 今天感觉如何?

---I feel awful!感觉糟透了!

---What's the matter with you?怎么了?

---I have a terrible tootache! 我的牙很疼!

---Take an aspirin, and go to see the dentist.吃一片阿司皮林, 然后去看牙医吧。

---I will. Thanks for the advice! 我会的。谢谢你的建议。

---You're welcome! 不客气!


---How are you feeling today?今天感觉如何?

---I feel bad.感觉不好。

---What's the matter with you?怎么了?

---I have a terrible headache.I bumped my head on the desk.我头疼的厉害。我把头碰到桌子了。

---Take an aspirin, and drink some water.吃一片阿司皮林,然后喝些水。

---I will. Thanks for the advice. 我会的。 谢谢你的建议。

---You're welcome.不客气。


---You look unhappy today.你今天看起来不太高兴。

---What's wrong with you?怎么?

---My tongue hurts. I bit my tongue while I was eating.我的舌头疼。我吃饭时咬了舌头。

---Take it easy. Slow down. Don't eat so fast. Enjoy your food.  放轻松点。慢慢吃。不要吃得太快。好好享受美为食。

---I will. I sure will. 我会的。我一定会的。


---You don't look happy today. What's wrong with you?你今天看上去不太好。 怎么了?

---I have the hiccups. They won't go away。我一直打嗝。打个不停。

---Drink some milk. 喝些牛奶。

---I will.我会的。


---You look sad today. What's the matter with you? 你今天看上去挺忧郁的。有什么问题吗?

---I feel lonely. I feel bored. 我觉得孤独。我觉得烦。

---Call up one of your friends.  Find a bood to read. Go to see a movie. Play a computer game. Go out for a walk.给你朋友打个电话,找本书读,看场电影,玩玩电脑游戏,或出去散散步。

---But I feel sleepy.但是我很困。

---Then go to bed. 那睡觉去吧。

---But I can't. I have lots of homework to do.但是不行,我还有一大堆家庭作业要做。


---You look depressed. What's the matter with you?你看上去闷闷不乐。怎么了?

---I'm laid off. I'm spending all my savings.我被解雇了 。全靠积蓄生活了。

---I am sorry to hear that. Being laid off is no fun. You spend all of your savings. I believe you.听你这么说,真替你感到难过。被解雇的滋味好受。只能靠积蓄生活。的确如此。

---I have a family to support. Life is hard! What should I do? 我还得养活一家人。生活艰难!我该怎么办?

---Ask you wife to get a job.让你夫人找一个工作。

---But she doesn't have any skills. 但是她没有什么技能。

---Then she needs to go to school.那她需要去学校学。

---You're right. I should go to school, too.你说得对。我也应该去上学。

---Maybe you can live with your parents. 或许你可以和你父母住在一起。

---I'll ask them. Thanks for the advice. 我会问问他们。谢谢你的建议。


---Hello, Jane! How are you doing?喂,简!你好吗?

---I feel sick. 我感觉不舒服。

---Oh, no! What's the matter? 啊,不会吧!怎么了?

---My stomach is killing me.我的胃疼死了。

---Six onions? Onions are good. But six are far too many. You should never eat six onions. You'll get sick, sick, sick. 吃了六个洋葱?洋葱很好,但是6个太多了。你不应该吃6个洋葱。你会病得很严重。

---I know. I know! I feel as sick as a sick dog! I want to barf! 我知道,我知道!我是病得很惨。我想吐。

---How could you eat six onions?你怎么能吃6个洋葱呢?

---I'm sorry. I like onions. 不好意思。我喜欢吃洋葱。

---Do you want more onions?你还想再吃洋葱吗?

---No! I don't like onions anymore. I'll never do it again! I'll never eat onions again! That's a promise.不!我再也不喜欢吃洋葱了。我再也不做这种事了。我再也不会吃洋葱了。我发誓。

---Should I take you to a hospital? 要我带你去医院吗?

---No. I'll be OK. Where is the bathroo?  不,我没事的。洗手间在哪?

---Over there.在那边。

---I'm really sorry you're sick. I'll go and tell Mary. She'll come and help you. 看到你生病我真的很难过。我去告诉玛丽,她会来帮你的。

---OK. Thank you.好吧,谢谢。

---Take care!保重!


1. Take it easy.=Don't be nervous./Relax. 放轻松点;别着急。

2. lay off解雇

This company laid off 3,000 employees last month, and Vern thinks it will soon be his turn.公司上月解雇了3000多名职员,佛恩认为很快就轮到他了。

3. I want to barf. 我想吐。barf为美国俚语

=I'm going to barf/upchuck/puke/loose my lunch/toss my cookies!

=I'm going to throw up/vomit.

Last night Tom drank too much and barfed all over the floor. He always gets drunk and then begins to vomit like a comet.昨晚汤姆喝得太多,吐了一地。他常常喝醉,然后像彗星一样呕吐。




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