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Hello, I'm the host of the blog you're visiting now. Thank you for your presence. I've been working as a teacher of English since ten years ago. Hope we'll be friends.



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Fortunately, further argument on the subject was stopped by a voice saying, "May I come in?" It was only Cummings, who said, "Your maid opened the door, and asked me to excuse her showing me in, as she was wringing out some socks." I was delighted to see him, and suggested we should have a game of whist with a dummy, and by way of merriment said: "You can be the dummy." Cummings (I thought rather ill-naturedly) replied: "Funny as usual." He said he couldn't stop, he only called to leave me the Bicycle News, as he had done with it.

很幸运,关于这个话题的争论被一个声音打断了,“我可以进来吗?”原来是卡明斯,“你的佣人打开门,请我原谅不能带我进来,因为她正拧(wring out)袜子里的水。” 我很高兴看到他,建议们玩有明手的惠斯特纸牌游戏,“你可以做明手(dummy)。”我对卡明斯说。谁知他(我认为相当不悦地)说:“和平时一样有趣!”然后补充说他不能停,这次来只是给我送《自行车新闻报》,他已经送到了。


1. wring out sth. 绞出某物中的水;拧出水来

2. dummy [C] n. 哑巴;笨蛋;(展示服装用的)人体模型;假货;(纸牌游戏)明手;梦家

因为dummy这个词有多重含义,所以当老普特尔说“You can be the dummy”,卡明斯才会不高兴,以为普特尔又开他的玩笑,骂他是笨蛋。

3. excuse sb. for (doing) sth. 原谅某人做某事

Please excuse me for being so late today.请原谅我今天来这么晚。

Smith can be excused for his lack of interest in the course.



 excuse sb. from doing sth. 允许某人不做某;原谅某人不能做某事

Can I be excused from swimming today? I have a cold.


Another ring at the bell; it was Gowing, who said he "must apologise for coming so often, and that one of these days we must come round to HIM." I said: "A very extraordinary thing has struck me." "Something funny, as usual," said Cummings. "Yes," I replied; "I think even you will say so this time. It's concerning you both; for doesn't it seem odd that Gowing's always coming and Cummings' always going?" Carrie, who had evidently quite forgotten about the bath, went into fits of laughter, and as for myself, I fairly doubled up in my chair, till it cracked beneath me. I think this was one of the best jokes I have ever made.

门铃又响了,是高英,他说他一定要为来得如此频繁道歉,并且在今后的日子里我们一定要去拜访他。我接过话来:“我想起了一件非常特别的事。”“像平常一样好玩的话,”卡明斯问。“是啊”,我回答:“我想这次你也会这么说。它与你们两个都有关系。高英总是来,而卡明斯总是走,你难道不觉得有点奇怪(odd)吗?”卡丽显然忘了浴盆的事,忍不住发出阵阵笑声(fits of laughter) ,至于(as for)我本人,笑得在扶手椅上缩成一团(double up),直到椅子在下面吱吱作响。我想这是我讲过的最有水平的俏皮话之一了。


odd adj.奇怪的;单数的

fit [C] n. 突然发作;痉挛;一阵

as for 至于;关于

As for the hotel, it was very uncomfortable and miles from the sea.


As for you, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.


double up 对折;弯曲;蜷缩


 Then imagine my astonishment on perceiving both Cummings and Gowing perfectly silent, and without a smile on their faces. After rather an unpleasant pause, Cummings, who had opened a cigar-case, closed it up again and said: "Yes--I think, after that, I SHALL be going, and I am sorry I fail to see the fun of your jokes." Gowing said he didn't mind a joke when it wasn't rude, but a pun on a name, to his thinking, was certainly a little wanting in good taste. Cummings followed it up by saying, if it had been said by anyone else but myself, he shouldn't have entered the house again. This rather unpleasantly terminated what might have been a cheerful evening. However, it was as well they went, for the charwoman had finished up the remains of the cold pork.

不难想像当我察觉(perceive)卡明斯和高英一脸沉默,面上毫无笑容时的惊讶。一段不快的沉默后,卡明斯打开烟盒又关上,然后说:“是啊我想,听完这句话之后,我决定要走了,不过很抱歉我并没有觉的你的话有什么好笑。” 高英说他并不介意不粗鲁的玩笑,不过使用名字的双关语(pun),在他看来无疑有点缺少品味。卡明斯接过来说,如果这句话是由其他任何人而不是我说的话,他将再也不会进入这座房子了。这使一个原本应当很愉快的晚上就这样在不快中结束(terminate)了。不过他们走了也好,因为女佣已经吃完了余下的冻猪肉。


1. perceive vt. vi. 察觉;意识到;认识

I perceived a change in his behavior. 我发觉他的行为有些变化。

Cats are not able to perceive color. 猫无法识别颜色。

Often what is perceived to be aggression is simply fear.


Children who do badly in school tests often perceive themselves to be failures.


2. pun [C] 双关

本段对话中,老普特尔在上段中就是用双关说了一句他认为的“玩笑话”: It's concerning you both; for doesn't it seem odd that Gowing's always coming and Cummings' always going?  这里,Gowing的发音近goingCummings发音同comings

3. terminate vt. vi. 结束;终止;停止

The meeting terminated in disorder. 会议在j混乱中结束。

The court ruled that the contract must be terminated.法庭判决合同必须被终止。

4. charwoman (按日雇佣的)女佣

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