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Hello, I'm the host of the blog you're visiting now. Thank you for your presence. I've been working as a teacher of English since ten years ago. Hope we'll be friends.



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May 1.--Carrie said: "I should like to send mother the invitation to look at." I consented, as soon as I had answered it. I told Mr. Perkupp, at the office, with a feeling of pride, that we had received an invitation to the Mansion House; and he said, to my astonishment, that he himself gave in my name to the Lord Mayor's secretary. I felt this rather discounted the value of the invitation, but I thanked him; and in reply to me, he described how I was to answer it. I felt the reply was too simple; but of course Mr. Perkupp knows best.

51  卡丽今天说:“我想将邀请函送给妈妈看看。”我同意一写完回复就交给她。在办公室里,我骄傲地告诉波卡普先生我收到了市长官邸的邀请,可是令我惊奇的是,波卡普先说是他把我的名字递交给市长秘书的。这让我感到邀请函的意义大打折扣,不过我还是感谢了他。应我的请求,他讲述了该如何回复。我觉得他说的回复太简单了,不过波卡普先生当然最了解这些事情。

 May 2.--Sent my dress-coat and trousers to the little tailor's round the corner, to have the creases taken out. Told Gowing not to call next Monday, as we were going to the Mansion House. Sent similar note to Cummings.

52 把燕尾服和裤子送到街角的裁缝店里,让他们将褶子弄平。告诉高英下周一不要来访,因为我们要去市长官邸。同样通知了卡明斯。


crease [C] n.折缝;折痕

 May 3.--Carrie went to Mrs. James, at Sutton, to consult about her dress for next Monday. While speaking incidentally to Spotch, one of our head clerks, about the Mansion House, he said: "Oh, I'm asked, but don't think I shall go." When a vulgar man like Spotch is asked, I feel my invitation is considerably discounted. In the evening, while I was out, the little tailor brought round my coat and trousers, and because Sarah had not a shilling to pay for the pressing, he took them away again.

53 卡丽去拜访萨顿的詹姆士夫人,咨询她下周一的着装事宜。与我们的一位高级职员斯鲍奇聊天时,偶然提到了市长官邸邀请函的事,他说:“哦,我受到了邀请,不过我想我不会去的。”当粗俗如斯鲍奇的人也受到邀请时,我觉得宴请函的价值大打折扣。晚上在我外出时,小裁缝将我的外套和裤子送过来了,因为萨拉没钱支付一先令的熨费,他又把衣服拿走了。

 May 4.--Carrie's mother returned the Lord Mayor's invitation, which was sent to her to look at, with apologies for having upset a glass of port over it. I was too angry to say anything.

54 卡丽的妈妈将送给她看的市长官邸邀请函送回来了,同时为将一杯波尔特葡萄酒打翻洒在上面表示歉意。我气得说不出话来。

 May 5.--Bought a pair of lavender kid-gloves for next Monday, and two white ties, in case one got spoiled in the tying.

55 买了一付带熏衣草味的小羊皮手套,下周一用,还买了两条白领带,以防打领带时一不小心弄坏一条。


1. lavender 熏衣草;熏衣草花

2. kid-glove [C] n. 小山羊皮白手套

 May 6, Sunday.--A very dull sermon, during which, I regret to say, I twice thought of the Mansion House reception to-morrow.

56  星期六  今天的布道很沉闷,在此期间,我不得不遗憾地承认,我两次想到了明天市长官邸的招待会。

 May 7.--A big red-letter day; viz., the Lord Mayor's reception. The whole house upset. I had to get dressed at half-past six, as Carrie wanted the room to herself. Mrs. James had come up from Sutton to help Carrie; so I could not help thinking it unreasonable that she should require the entire attention of Sarah, the servant, as well. Sarah kept running out of the house to fetch "something for missis," and several times I had, in my full evening-dress, to answer the back-door.

57  一个大喜的日子,也就是市长夫妇接待的日子。整个房间乱做一团。我不得不在630前换好衣服,因为卡丽需要用房间。詹姆士夫人特意从萨顿赶来帮助卡丽,所以我忍不住想她还要佣人萨拉全力为她服务,这有点不合理。萨拉不住地跑来跑去地拿“夫人需要的东西。”弄得好几次都要我穿着晚礼服去开后门。


1. a red-letter day 节日;纪念日 


2. viz. (拉)即;也就是

 The last time it was the greengrocer's boy, who, not seeing it was me, for Sarah had not lighted the gas, pushed into my hands two cabbages and half-a-dozen coal-blocks. I indignantly threw them on the ground, and felt so annoyed that I so far forgot myself as to box the boy's ears. He went away crying, and said he should summons me, a thing I would not have happen for the world. In the dark, I stepped on a piece of the cabbage, which brought me down on the flags all of a heap. For a moment I was stunned, but when I recovered I crawled upstairs into the drawing-room and on looking into the chimney-glass discovered that my chin was bleeding, my shirt smeared with the coal-blocks, and my left trouser torn at the knee.



1. forget oneself 忘我;忘乎所以;失去知觉

2. all of a heap 一下子(倒下);颓然(倒下)

3. smear vt. 涂抹;弄脏;玷污(某人的名誉)


smear A with B.B涂抹在A

smear A. on/over B. A涂抹在B

His face was smeared with mud.他的脸上涂满了泥巴。

Alice smeared sun tan lotion on her shoulders.艾丽斯往她肩膀上抹防晒油。

In politics you expect to get smeared by your opponents.


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