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Carrie made a most hearty supper, for which I was pleased; for I sometimes think she is not strong. There was scarcely a dish she did not taste. I was so thirsty, I could not eat much. Receiving a sharp slap on the shoulder, I turned, and, to my amazement, saw Farmerson, our ironmonger. He said, in the most familiar way: "This is better than Brickfield Terrace, eh?" I simply looked at him, and said coolly: "I never expected to see you here." He said, with a loud, coarse laugh: "I like that--if YOU, why not ME?" I replied: "Certainly," I wish I could have thought of something better to say. He said: "Can I get your good lady anything?" Carrie said: "No, I thank you," for which I was pleased. I said, by way of reproof to him: "You never sent today to paint the bath, as I requested." Farmerson said: "Pardon me, Mr. Pooter, no shop when we're in company, please."



In company 当着别人的面

It’s bad manners to whisper in company. 当着别人的面窃窃私语是不礼貌的。

注意:in company with sb.和某人一起

I, in company with many others, feel this decision was wrong.


Before I could think of a reply, one of the sheriffs, in full Court costume, slapped Farmerson on the back and hailed him as an old friend, and asked him to dine with him at his lodge. I was astonished. For full five minutes they stood roaring with laughter, and stood digging each other in the ribs. They kept telling each other they didn't look a day older. They began embracing each other and drinking champagne.



1. hail sb./sth. as sth.热情地承认某人/某物为……

The book was hailed as a masterpiece. 这本书被誉为杰作。

The people in the city hailed the young man as a hero after he rescued two children.

2. sheriff [C] n. 郡治安官;州长

 To think that a man who mends our scraper should know any member of our aristocracy! I was just moving with Carrie, when Farmerson seized me rather roughly by the collar, and addressing the sheriff, said: "Let me introduce my neighbour, Pooter." He did not even say "Mister." The sheriff handed me a glass of champagne. I felt, after all, it was a great honour to drink a glass of wine with him, and I told him so. We stood chatting for some time, and at last I said: "You must excuse me now if I join Mrs. Pooter." When I approached her, she said: "Don't let me take you away from friends. I am quite happy standing here alone in a crowd, knowing nobody!"



aristocracy [C] n.贵族阶级;贵族;优秀人物

 As it takes two to make a quarrel, and as it was neither the time nor the place for it, I gave my arm to Carrie, and said: "I hope my darling little wife will dance with me, if only for the sake of saying we had danced at the Mansion House as guests of the Lord Mayor." Finding the dancing after supper was less formal, and knowing how much Carrie used to admire my dancing in the days gone by, I put my arm round her waist and we commenced a waltz.



1. It takes two to make a quarrel. 一个巴掌拍不响

2. for the sake of (=for sb.’s/sth.’s sake)为了(某人、事);看在某人的面子上

I’ll help you for the sake of your sister./for your sister’s sake.


We make concessions for the sake of peace. 为了和平,我们做出了让步。

 A most unfortunate accident occurred. I had got on a new pair of boots. Foolishly, I had omitted to take Carrie's advice; namely, to scratch the soles of them with the points of the scissors or to put a little wet on them. I had scarcely started when, like lightning, my left foot slipped away and I came down, the side of my head striking the floor with such violence that for a second or two I did not know what had happened. I needly hardly say that Carrie fell with me with equal violence, breaking the comb in her hair and grazing her elbow.



namely adv. =that’s to say)即;就是

Only one boy was absent, namely Harry. 只有一人缺席,就是哈里。

Three students were mentioned, namely John, Sarah and Sylvia.


 There was a roar of laughter, which was immediately checked when people found that we had really hurt ourselves. A gentleman assisted Carrie to a seat, and I expressed myself pretty strongly on the danger of having a plain polished floor with no carpet or drugget to prevent people slipping. The gentleman, who said his name was Darwitts, insisted on escorting Carrie to have a glass of wine, an invitation which I was pleased to allow Carrie to accept.



check vt. 突然停止(说或做某事)

I had to check the urge to laugh out loud. 我不得不抑制住想要大声笑出来的冲动。

check oneself 控制自己不再做某事

He grinned, and then checked himself, not wanting to upset Jack.


 I followed, and met Farmerson, who immediately said, in his loud voice "Oh, are you the one who went down?"

 I answered with an indignant look.

 With execrable taste, he said: "Look here, old man, we are too old for this game. We must leave these capers to the youngsters. Come and have another glass, that is more in our line."





1. execrable adj. ()极坏的;;糟糕;恶劣的

2. look here ()喂;听我说;听着(用于唤起注意或警告)

3. caper n. 跳;跳跃

 Although I felt I was buying his silence by accepting, we followed the others into the supper-room.

 Neither Carrie nor I, after our unfortunate mishap, felt inclined to stay longer. As we were departing, Farmerson said: "Are you going? if so, you might give me a lift."

 I thought it better to consent, but wish I had first consulted Carrie.






1. buy one’s silence 收买某人让其对某事保持沉默(不泄露秘密)

They tried to buy Tom’s silence after he found out their plot.


2. feel/be inclined to do sth.  愿意做某事;想要做某事(但是愿望不是很强烈);有某种倾向(无生命的物体作主语时,不能用feel

It was Sunday morning, and she was not inclined to get up yet.


I’m inclined to trust him. 我比较信任他。.

The car is inclined to stall when it’s cold outside. 天冷时,这辆车容易熄火。

3. give sb. a lift 让某人搭便车;

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