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 July 31.--Carrie was very pleased with the bangle, which I left with an affectionate note on her dressing-table last night befor going to bed. I told Carrie we should have to start for our holiday next Saturday. She replied quite happily that she did not mind, except that the weather was so bad, and she feared that Miss Jibbons would not be able to get her a seaside dress in time. I told Carrie that I thought the drab one with pink bows looked quite good enough; and Carrie said she should not think of wearing it. I was about to discuss the matter, when, remembering the argument yesterday, resolved to hold my tongue.

731  我昨晚上床休息之前把银手镯放到卡丽的梳妆台上,还附了一封深情款款的短信,卡丽对银手镯很满意。我告诉卡丽我们下周六就可以开始度假了。她高兴地说她不介意,只要天气不坏。不过她担心吉邦斯小姐无法及时给她作一件海边穿的裙子。我告诉卡丽我认为那件褐色带粉红蝴蝶结的就很好,而卡丽说她不想再穿那件了。我正要和她讨论这个问题,突然想起昨天的争吵,就决定保持沉默。


1. affectionate 有爱心的;示爱的

He is an affectionate child.他是个有爱心的孩子。

He is very affectionate towards his children.他很爱他的孩子。

2. dressing-table梳妆台;镜台

3. drab adj. 土褐色的;单调的

The walls were painted a drab green.墙被粉刷成了褐绿色。

These people were forced to live grey, drab existences in ugly towns.


I said to Carrie: "I don't think we can do better than 'Good old Broadstairs.'" Carrie not only, to my astonishment, raised an objection to Broadstairs, for the first time; but begged me not to use the expression, "Good old," but to leave it to Mr. Stillbrook and other GENTLEMEN of his type. Hearing my 'bus pass the window, I was obliged to rush out of the house without kissing Carrie as usual; and I shouted to her: "I leave it to you to decide." On returning in the evening, Carrie said she thought as the time was so short she had decided on Broadstairs, and had written to Mrs. Beck, Harbour View Terrace, for apartments.



1. raise an objection to/against 反对;对某事提出异议

He raised an objection to the plan because he thought it would be too expensive.


2. I leave it to you to decide.我将决定权留给你。

leave sth. to sb.将某事留给某人来处理

Leave it to me. I'll make sure it gets posted.把它交给我吧。我会确保把它寄出。

The choice of elective subjects is left entirely to the students.


August 1.--Ordered a new pair of trousers at Edwards's, and told them not to cut them so loose over the boot; the last pair being so loose and also tight at the knee, looked like a sailor's, and I heard Pitt, that objectionable youth at the office, call out "Hornpipe" as I passed his desk. Carrie has ordered of Miss Jibbons a pink Garibaldi and blue-serge skirt, which I always think looks so pretty at the seaside. In the evening she trimmed herself a little sailor-hat, while I read to her the Exchange and Mart. We had a good laugh over my trying on the hat when she had finished it; Carrie saying it looked so funny with my beard, and how the people would have roared if I went on the stage like it.

81 在爱德华的裁缝店里订做了一条新裤子,告诉他们不要把裤角弄得太肥,上一条就是裤角太肥而膝部又太紧,看起来像水手的裤子一样。在办公室里我一经过皮特那个讨厌的年青人的办公桌时,他就喊:“角笛”。卡丽已在吉邦斯小姐那儿定做了一顶粉红的加尔波第式帽子和一件蓝色斜纹哔叽裙。我一直认为这身装束在海边漂亮极了。晚上她戴上一顶水手帽,我给她读《汇率和市场》。我试戴了一下卡丽的水手帽,引得我们都笑起来。卡丽说帽子配上我的胡须,看起来非常滑稽,如果我戴着它上街,人们不知要笑成什么样了。


1. objectionable adj. 引起反对的;令人反感的;令人不快的

His drunken behaviour was extremely objectionable.他醉酒后的举动极为令人讨厌。

2. serge(纺)斜纹哔叽布料

 August 2.--Mrs. Beck wrote to say we could have our usual rooms at Broadstairs. That's off our mind. Bought a coloured shirt and a pair of tan-coloured boots, which I see many of the swell clerks wearing in the City, and hear are all the "go."

82 贝克先生写信说我们可以在布罗德斯泰斯住我们常住的房间。也就不再考虑这件事了。买了一件花色衬衫和一双棕褐色的靴子,我看到在城里很多重要人物都这身打扮,而且听说它们很流行。


off one’s mind放到一边不再考虑;脑子不再想

be/take a load/weight off sb's mind 使某人如释重负

Paying my mortgage was an enormous weight off my mind!


 August 3.--A beautiful day. Looking forward to to-morrow. Carrie bought a parasol about five feet long. I told her it was ridiculous. She said: "Mrs. James, of Sutton, has one twice as long so;" the matter dropped. I bought a capital hat for hot weather at the seaside. I don't know what it is called, but it is the shape of the helmet worn in India, only made of straw. Got three new ties, two coloured handkerchiefs, and a pair of navy-blue socks at Pope Brothers. Spent the evening packing. Carrie told me not to forget to borrow Mr. Higgsworth's telescope, which he always lends me, knowing I know how to take care of it. Sent Sarah out for it. While everything was seeming so bright, the last post brought us a letter from Mrs. Beck, saying: "I have just let all my house to one party, and am sorry I must take back my words, and am sorry you must find other apartments; but Mrs. Womming, next door, will be pleased to accommodate you, but she cannot take you before Monday, as her rooms are engaged Bank Holiday week."

83  一个美好的日子。期待着明天的到来。卡丽买了一把约五英尺长的阳伞。我告诉她这么长的伞很可笑。她说:“萨顿的詹姆士夫人有一把伞,是这把的两倍长。”这件事就这样过去了。我买了一顶极好的帽子,以便在海边时防晒。我不知道它叫什么名字,但是有点像印度人戴的头盔,只不过是草做的而已。在波普兄弟的商店里买了三条新领带,两条花色手巾,一双海蓝色的袜子。晚上收拾行礼打包。卡丽告诉我不要忘了借黑格斯华斯的望远镜,知道我懂得爱惜,他总是愿意借给我。一切看起来都很顺利的时候,邮差送来了贝克先生的一封信,信上说:“很抱歉不得不收回我的话,我刚把房子租给一伙人。很抱歉你们必须再找其他房屋。不过隔壁的沃明夫人将会很高兴为你们提供住宿,但是她在星期一之前不能接纳你们,因为她的房子在银行休假周已被人预定了。


1. parasol [C] n. 太阳伞

2. The matter dropped.这件事就这样放下了。事情就这样结束了。

3. let vt. (=rent) (多用于英国)出租;租赁

He has two houses to let in Beijing.他在北京有两套房屋可以出租。

4. take back one’s words 随认说错话;食言;收回某人的话

I took back what I said about your being selfish. 我承认我不该说你自私。

Sorry, I’ve to take back my words. I can’t show you around Qingdao tomorrow for my wife is ill.


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