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 The Diary of Nobody   CHAPTER III



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A conversation with Mr. Merton on Society. Mr. and Mrs. James, of Sutton, come up. A miserable evening at the Tank Theatre. Experiments with enamel paint. I make another good joke; but Gowing and Cummings are unnecessarily offended. I paint the bath red, with unexpected result.



enamel paint 瓷漆

enamel [U] 搪瓷; 珐琅;瓷釉;指甲油 vt. 给(某物)涂上瓷釉

 April 19.--Cummings called, bringing with him his friend Merton, who is in the wine trade. Gowing also called. Mr. Merton made himself at home at once, and Carrie and I were both struck with him immediately, and thoroughly approved of his sentiments.

419  卡明斯带着他的朋友默顿来访,默顿是做红酒生意的。高英也来了。默顿先生毫不拘束,瞬间便我们留下深刻的印象,我们很喜欢他的性格。


1. make oneself at home 不拘束;随意

2. sentiment [U] c (对怜悯、怀旧等的)柔弱情感 [C U] 态度或意见

There is no room for sentiment in business. 做生意不能婆婆妈妈地感情用情。

What are your sentiments on this issue? 对这个问题你是什么看法?

3. approve vt. (正式)批准 vi. 赞成;满意

常用搭配:approve of赞成;满意

She doesn’t want to take her new boy-friend home in case her parents don’t approve (of him).


I approve of your trying to earn some money, but please don’t neglect your studies.


The auditors approved the company’s accounts. 审计员核准了公司的帐目。

The conference approved a proposal for a referendum. 大会批准了进行公民投票的提议。

 He leaned back in his chair and said: "You must take me as I am;" and I replied: "Yes--and you must take us as we are. We're homely people, we are not swells."



1. You must take me as I am. 你一定按我本来的样子要求/接受我。

If you love me, you must take me as I am. 如果你爱我,就要接受我本来的样子。

2. homely adj. 简单的;平常的;相貌平平的

3. swell (旧式用法)重要人物

He answered: "No, I can see that," and Gowing roared with laughter; but Merton in a most gentlemanly manner said to Gowing: "I don't think you quite understand me. I intended to convey that our charming host and hostess were superior to the follies of fashion, and preferred leading a simple and wholesome life to gadding about to twopenny-halfpenny tea-drinking afternoons, and living above their incomes."



1. roar with laughter 哄堂大笑

2. intend vt. 想要;打算;意欲


intend doing/to do打算做某事

intend sb./sth. to do sth.想要某人做某事;希望某事物如何

be intended for sb./sth.为某人/某事物计划或设计

intend sth. as sth.打算使某事物成为另一事物

intended target/victim/destination 意向目标/受害者/计划目的地

I hear they intend to marry/marrying. 我听说他们打算结婚。

I don’t intend to listen to this rubbish any longer! 我再也不想听这种无稽之谈了。

I didn't intend her to see the painting until it was finished.


I never intended things to turn out the way they did.


The book is intended for children aged 5-7. 这本书是为57岁的儿童所写。

Was that remark intended as a joke? 那句话是不是当玩笑说的?

It seems likely that General Rogers was the killer's intended victim.


3. convey vt. 运送;输送(某人或某物);表达;传达(思想、情感等)

Pipes convey hot water from the boiler to the radiators.


This poem perfectly conveys to the reader what the poet feels.


Words cannot convey how delighted I was. 言辞无法表达我内心的喜悦。

4. folly [C U]n. 愚蠢;愚笨;愚蠢的行为、思想或做法

5. prefer A to B 宁愿选择A而不愿选择B

6. wholesome adj. 卫生的;有益的;有益健康的

7. gad about 游荡;闲逛

I was immensely pleased with these sensible remarks of Merton's, and concluded that subject by saying: "No, candidly, Mr. Merton, we don't go into Society, because we do not care for it; and what with the expense of cabs here and cabs there, and white gloves and white ties, etc., it doesn't seem worth the money."

我对默顿理智的评论非常满意,并对此话题进行了如下总结:“不, 坦率地说,默顿先生,我们不喜欢这些事,而且还要打的四处跑,加上白手套、白领带等等,根本不值得花这些钱。”


1. sensible adj.合理的;理智的;有判断力的;觉察到的

It was sensible of you to lock the door. 你锁上了门,很明智。

Are you sensible of the dangers of your position? 你觉察出你处境中的危险了吗?

2. conclude vt.vi.(文)结束 vt. 推理;推断;签署(条约、合同等)

The story concludes with the hero’s death. 这个故事以主人死亡而告终。

Richardson concluded from his studies that equality between the sexes is still a long way off. 里查德森从他的研究中得出结论:男女平等还有很长的路要走。

To conclude, I'd like to express my thanks to my family. 最后,我想对我的家人表示感谢。

Britain concluded a trade agreement with China. 英国和美国签署了贸易协定。

3. candidly adv.坦率地;诚实地

4. what with sth. 用以列举各种原因

What with the weather and my bad leg, I haven’t been out for weeks.


 Merton said in reference to FRIENDS: "My motto is 'Few and True;' and, by the way, I also apply that to wine, 'Little and Good.'" Gowing said: "Yes, and sometimes 'cheap and tasty,' eh, old man?" Merton, still continuing, said he should treat me as a friend, and put me down for a dozen of his "Lockanbar" whisky, and as I was an old friend of Gowing, I should have it for 36s., which was considerably under what he paid for it.



in reference to 关于

He booked his own order, and further said that at any time I wanted any passes for the theatre I was to let him know, as his name stood good for any theatre in London.



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